Club Nights

The Wishart Sharks hold a club night each Friday night of the swimming season (Term 4 and Term 1). The club nights are a chance for club members to get out and have a good time competing against their own previous times as well as against their friends. Races are arranged so swimmers are swimming against others with similar times for that event (rather than by age).  Each night there is a 25m & 50m event for each stroke and a 100m event in one stroke

There is a canteen for drinks and snacks and a BBQ with burgers, chicken skewers and sausages.

Come along, let the kids hit the pool, grab a burger and a drink and join in the community that is the Wishart Sharks Swim Club.

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Swimmers can enter a maximum of 5 races on Friday night swim club. One from each stroke, plus the OPEN 100m.

Swimmers can enter either the 25m race or the 50m race (if qualified) for each stroke.

Any swimmer can enter the open 100m event (last event of the evening) in addition to their 25m/50m events.

Only swimmers who have qualified can enter the qualified 100m event instead of the 25m or 50m for that stroke.  

50m Qualification Times

For swimmers under the age of 10, a Qualification Time must be achieved in a 25m event at a club night for the swimmer to be entered in 50m races.

The times are:

Freestyle 23 seconds

Backstroke 28 seconds

Breaststroke 30 seconds

Butterfly 26 seconds

100m Qualification Times

The Qualification Time must be achieved in a 50m event at a club night for the swimmer to be entered in the qualified 100m events.

The times are:

Freestyle 38 seconds

Backstroke 48 seconds

Breaststroke 55 seconds

Medley 25m qualifying times for all four strokes

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