Awarded to those swimmers that accumulate the most points for distance events during the club championships.

See section 19 of the club rules for details.




Sub Junior (7 and under)

Junior (8-9)

Intermediate (10-11)

Sub-Senior (12-13)

Senior (14+)

Jordan Clement

Junior Distance Jackson Clarke
Junior Distance Simone Jacklin, Ashleigh Magee

Jackson Clarke

Simone Jacklin

Ashleigh Magee

Intermediate Distance Ryan Magee, Conor Sherrington
Intermediate Distance Olivia Wormwell, Emma Barwick

Ryan Magee

Conor Sherrington

Olivia Wormwell

Emma Barwick

Sub-Senior Distance Lachlan Daly
Sub-Senior Distance Wenona Church, Claudia Shelley

Lachlan Daly

Wenona Church

Claudia Shelley

Senior Distance Kieren Player
Senior Distance Hayley Richards

Kieren Player

Hayley Richards