We'd like to encourage each family to volunteer at least once during this half of the season. To help with knowing what you are volunteering for, we've compiled a short list of each position and what it entails;


Cooking the sausages and chicken kebabs.


Restock the drinks and take the sausages and kebabs cooked on the BBQ to the lolly shack.


Two volunteers are required in the Lolly Shack each week. The LOLLY SHACK volunteer is responsible for taking the money and giving out the lollies, snacks and drinks. It is the BBQ SERVER’s role to serve the hot food and sauce


At the beginning of the club night place the paper towel dispensers and hand wash in the toilets and place the hand sanitisers in locations marked on the mud map.

At the beginning of the evening and every hour, wipe down the grand stand hand rails and frequently touched areas (ie. door handles, taps in the toilets and water bubbler etc).

Remind people to remain socially distant throughout the evening.


5:30-6:30pm. As people enter, ensure they sanitise their hands and sign in (either via the EVA app or manually).


Ensure swimmers are marshalled into their correct event and lane number. You are given the meet entry report for the evening and need to call out individual swimmers and ask them to head to their correct spot on the metal seats. Each metal bench is assigned a colour and numbers 1-6 have been placed on them to facilitate easy marshalling.


Accurately time each 25, 50 and 100m race. If you are only available to time for a portion of the evening, we will find another volunteer to take over.

Signing up to volunteer is quick and easy. Simply fill in the duty roster on Team App for any club night for the season.