Club Nights

The Wishart Sharks hold a club night each Friday night of the swimming season. The club nights are a chance for club members to get out and have a good time competing against their own previous times as well as against their friends. Times from club nights are used to select the team for inter-club competitions.

Club nights are generally a rather lively affair, with much shouting and excitement. There is a canteen that provides drinks and snacks and we run a BBQ that serves up top notch steak burgers, chicken burgers and sausages for the kids. It would be hard to find a better and more relaxing way to wind down from a week of work.

So come along, let the kids hit the pool, grab a burger and a drink and join in the community that is the Wishart Sharks Swim Club.

  • Gates open at 5:15pm
  • Nominations for races close at 6:05pm sharp
  • Racing starts at approx 6:15pm
  • Night finishes around 8-8:30pm depending on number of swimmers.